Our Story

Cafe Vintage was started in late November 2010 by sisters Aysha and Nadia Allman. It was an opportunity to combine their shared love of fashion and baking and share what they had to offer with as many people as possible. Setting the shop up was nothing short of a labour of love and involved converting a run down grocery store into somewhere they would be proud to have customers into and enjoy spending their days.

"We set out decorating the shop with a very limited budget and a desire to ensure it was welcoming and stylish. We knew that we did not want to go for a very stark or modern theme and instead something that came together more organically using things we came across in local antique stores, skips, and friends and families homes. Any gaps were filled at the last minute by a few dashes down to ikea and the poundstore."

"We finally opened our doors at the end of November 2010 and have been able to welcome a growing band of regulars and have most unexpectedly had holidaymakers in from all over the world including Japan, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, and Greece."

"We have now been reviewed on a number of portals, including Yelp, Google, Urban Path and Qype and best of all received this very waermly welcomed thumbs up from the 'Queen of Shops' Mary Portas:"

Twitter snapshot displaying quennofshops@cafevintage Can in about a month ago! Liked it very much

"We've even proudly hosted our favourite actress Sally Hawkins for her recent interview with the Observer: "

Photo of Sally Hawkins at Cafe Vintage, Mountgrove Road, N5 2LT

Our plans now are to start selling clothes online from Easter, get some staff, and then extend our opening hours in time for summer. X"

Aysha and Nadia waiting to meet the estate agents outside the shop (Cafe Vintage) in July 2010

(this is Aysha and Nadia waiting to meet the estate agents outside the shop in July 2010)

Chetin and his brother painting the outside of Cafe Vintage in October 2010

(This is Chetin and his brother painting the outside of the shop in October 2010)